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This wiki is created to support the ScienceSource project and its brief, in posting articles from the focus list in HTML, text-mining them for annotations, and creating an algorithmic form of the MEDRS guideline. The content of the wiki, however, is not restricted to these areas: user-generated content relevant to the study of biomedical literature will be welcome, and will not be ruled "off-topic" simply by reference to the project's mission.

A couple of basic guidelines:

  • If the content requires new properties, please discuss those ahead of creation at property proposals.
  • For requests concerning downloads of articles that are not already on the focus list, or that are on the focus list and should be downloaded as a priority, please raise the matter on User talk:Charles Matthews. The focus list does have a scope, defined indirectly but in terms of being helpful to ScienceSource.

When the text-mining tool in use for annotation work becomes available for general use, there will be the chance that other projects could be hosted here. These should be discussed in advance, if at any sort of scale. Bots should not be deployed without giving notice.

Generally, Wikipedia-style conventions for collaboration should be assumed to apply as the default.